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How to transform your LIMITING BELIEF into an EMPOWERING BELIEF and THRIVE!

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

I have come to realize that every single person on the planet has had experience with their own limiting beliefs. Today I am discussing how to rewire your thoughts to rid your subconscious of limiting beliefs. Ever wonder why you feel stuck with no movement with the deep desires of a vision you have for yourself? Do you just want a better life all around? We have to confront the limiting beliefs we hold in the subconscious to be able to move forward. Humans all have a belief system and we all hold the idea of what is the truth vs. what is not the truth. We hold a belief towards everything in our lives. We hold beliefs about ourselves, life in general, other people, our relations with other people, finances, and our relationship with money, communities, love on all spectrums... Depending on how we hold our beliefs is how we perceive the world and how we interact in it. Our beliefs are behind what types of actions we take in life or not take. If beliefs were the truth then they would be called truths and not beliefs.

Most of the time we are not even aware of the subconscious beliefs we hold. Never realizing how these beliefs are limiting us and holding us back from living our authentic lives. The good news is that there is a way to identify these crippling beliefs. The key is introspection. What areas of your life need work? What areas are you not happy with, let alone content?

Frustrated in a job you've hated for 10 years and believe you just are not worthy of your dream job because you do not have the right skill set? Have a history of being cheated on in relationships so now you believe all men and/or women are evil and will do the same to you? You can't make a good living as a writer? At my age, all the good men and women are taken? Haven't had a date in a year so you must be unlovable? You feel you are overweight so you must not be attractive? Had a huge falling out with a friend and now you think everyone will just abandon you and no one is worth trusting? Always desired to be an artist but was criticized a lot as a child so you simply are not artistic? Have you ever seen someone with something that you want such as a nice car and think to yourself that you will never have that? My family history is cursed with addiction so you will forever be an addict? Ever have the feeling of, "Well, I failed at it last time so I am going to fail again so I may as well not even try."? Can we all agree that this is self-defeating? These are all examples of limiting beliefs because when we stop and think... "Is this sometimes true or always true?", we know that none of that is absolute.

For us to step into our power and inner mastery, we have to identify these sore spots and start to recondition ourselves to rewire these beliefs. Need help locating these self-defeating loops within? Just look at areas of your life where you're sick of the same story and the same narrative. These loops become your belief system and we accidentally accept it as final. If we do not change the way we think, that story will keep repeating itself. These habits are blocking you from moving forward.

Now that we know what a limiting belief is and how to identify them, let's dive into how to rewrite your limiting beliefs.

Step 1: Identify them. Get a piece of paper and pen and jot down your main beliefs about your life and life in general. This takes an extreme level of self-honesty, be brave! No one has to see this list but you. Do not rush this process, take your time. If it takes a week or two... all good! Be kind to yourself. After all, this is what this is all about. You will know when a limiting belief comes to you because it will feel very uncomfortable. A rush of anxiety may flood, anger, sadness, total avoidance, or disassociation. You may even feel helpless. These emotions surface because your self-defeating habits are at a very low vibrational energy state of consciousness. They suck all your positive energy from you. Limiting beliefs are at the opposite spectrum of empowering beliefs. Quieting your mind through mediation or journaling may assist in this process.

Step 2: Admit your limiting beliefs are stopping your process from moving forward. Challenge your limiting belief. Are these beliefs serving or protecting you? When we get very honest with ourselves, the answer is no. Ask yourself, "Is my belief sometimes true or always true?". Then take a moment to find stillness and think of an example when this is not true. Can you think of another example? How about another?

Step 3: Take back your power by creating a more empowering belief. What might be a more empowering belief? Replace the old beliefs with new positive beliefs. Write these down. Next, you will anchor the new beliefs with affirmations. Place these affirmations on a bulletin board, record your voice saying them and play them back every morning and every evening, maybe create a dream board using words and images that reinforce your new empowering beliefs. Maybe gather a group for a dream board bonding event with loved ones that would help you stay accountable. The best way to support a new belief is by reinforcing it.

Step 4: Ask yourself what small steps you can take to challenge the limiting belief? Think you are too old to run a marathon? Join a local running club, research role models to follow on the internet, or start taking face-paced walks around the neighborhood and test yourself out. A lot of times the solution is right in front of us and when we open our eyes and look we find proof that our limiting belief just is not true!

Now set your intention! Work on this a couple of times a week and you will watch your life transform before you know it. Make a promise to yourself that you will do your best to be mindful of all of your thoughts so you can be aware of when a limiting belief pops up. When the thought is acknowledged write it down or make a note of it. Pay attention to your dreams and keep a dream journal on your nightstand. Have a scary nightmare? Try to be introspective on what that nightmare might have meant and what kind of belief was formed that day.

To reprogram our subconscious, reprogramming is all about repetition, the way that we change our mind is through repetition. No doubt this is hard work but the most rewarding work as it unlocks our success and our true desires. Quiet the ego.

Visualization is another tool in unlocking your subconscious. Intentionally set aside time every day to become still, quiet, and visualize your new empowering belief. Visualize you getting the call saying that you are hired for your dream job, having a healthy relationship and holding hands with someone who honors and cherishes you, you reaching your health goal, receiving a paycheck for your art, having quality friends you can trust, seeing your name on the deed to your home... whatever it is get a clear picture of it in your mind and reconnect with this compelling vision daily!

When fear resurfaces and your subconscious or your old beliefs are challenging you by telling you don't do it, don't do it, you are at risk! Things are not going to work out! The real risk of not taking action is missing out on abundance and not living authentically to your true desires and who you were meant to be. Your rewards are always greater than your risks. Staying in your comfort zone is the most dangerous thing you can do. Actively seek to challenge yourself and self-defeating habits. The only route to change and transformation is out of your comfort zone. You will be amazed at the newfound freedoms you discover. Your life will be lighter and full of what brings you joy. Open yourself up to the abundance our universe has to offer. The only thing holding you back is you. The truth is that you are limitless. Once you realize your potential, you THRIVE!

Those who face the darkest parts of their life with courage, acceptance, unconditional love and surrender ALWAYS experience an immense flourish in their life after. Confront your shadow and accept what is truly meant for you, divine love.

Additional Resources for Working with Beliefs:

-Empowerment: The Art of Creating Your Life As You Want It, by David Gershon

-Prisoners of Belief: Exposing & Changing Beliefs That Control Your Life, by Matthew McKay, Ph.D., and Patrick Fanning

"If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right." -Henry Ford

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12 giu 2023

Your articulation of the Human condition, and how to heal, is Profoundly Astonishing and Accurate. Such an illuminator Gift of guidance and Love.

Mi piace
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