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"Just had an incredibly awesome coaching session with Alyssa Waters. She is genuine and authentic. Thank you with love and gratitude. I am ready for more fruitful positive connections to come."

Martin W., Nevada

"I can’t begin to express my gratitude and the many accolades I have to share about Alyssa Waters's Wisdom. I received my first reading from my dear friend and was blown away by the confirmations that I am indeed on my true north, my past is to my back firmly behind me, my present is perfectly aligned and I am sowing the seeds as I navigate the beautiful abundance and fruits of my labor before me and prepare for the next metamorphosis. Thank you, Quan Yin, Universe, God, spirit guides, and ancestors. If you haven’t had the opportunity to get your cards read by the talented and experienced Alyssa Waters this is your call to duty, you won’t regret it! Thank you, my friend. I love you!"

Emily T., Nevada

"Alyssa has helped me tap into a part of me that I didn’t fully know was there or understood. She brought all the right tools to the table to help expand my outlook on life and to help me reach my goals. Both personally and professionally."

Jonathan C., Nevada

"I met Alyssa in her home for a wonderful visit and reading. I am fairly new to this type of spiritual experience and Alyssa was very understanding. She explained everything in detail and made sure I was comfortable and enjoying my experience. I would highly recommend spending time with Alyssa. I will definitely be back!"

Sheri B., Nevada


"I am beyond words grateful and super appreciative to Alyssa Waters for the reading I  got with her yesterday. I  literally was testing the proverbial waters. She is highly intuitive and deeply connected and the childlike wonder blew me again out of the water. You should definitely make some time to get a phenomenal deeply personal reading from her. I am grateful and thankful for you Everything she embodies is so genuinely authentic."

Martin W., Nevada


"Over the last 15 years, I have attempted to seek guidance on self-improvement from multiple therapists, counselors, etc. I can honestly say I have found more progress in that area in way less time with Alyssa! Easily the most progress working on myself I have ever experienced. I couldn't be more grateful!!"


Anton. W, Nevada


"I cannot put into words how life-changing this experience was. She was able to tap into things that there was no way she could’ve previously known. Alyssa has such a warm spirit and open heart. She created a safe space for me and I feel like she truly helped align me with the universe and my truth. Things have been looking up since she did my reading. I’m so glad a mutual friend connected us. I am so thankful to have somebody like Alyssa in my life. Thank you so much for the work you do and continue to enrich other lives!!!"

Susie S., Nevada

"I was looking to align myself spiritually and physically and Alyssa was able to help me develop a program to target and achieve my goals.'

Richard I., New York

"Alyssa helped me realize my inner potential to heal myself. Everyone is forever a work in progress and we all work at our own pace. I am someone who does not like change, however, once I realized how much I needed it we took things at my pace. Alyssa did not rush me and somehow at the same time kept me moving forward. I have grown more than I imagined was possible at the start and I continue to grow every day, thanks to Alyssa bringing my potential to do so to the foreground. I have recently dealt with major life changes and I have the ability and inner strength to handle things, because Alyssa helped me find the right tools. Alyssa was kind, understanding, and very patient while guiding me to use what I did not realize I had within me. I would strongly recommend Alyssa to anyone who is looking to grow and find that inner strength and peace."

Tracey B., Nevada

"Getting to open up in Alyssa’s healing pool of water acted as the perfect grounding space to reconnect with some of the dustier parts of my self-perception and truly connect with the well of wisdom that oscillates there with her. I had wandered astray from being in my present now moment somewhere along the path and was seeking out a guiding light to set me back on course. Alyssa was not only able to provide me with a safe space to seek that Light but also offered visualizations and practices that aid in anchoring that presence in any moment I may feel disconnected. Taking the time to remember our vast knowledge and power is a necessary practice for our advancement at different stages in life and Alyssa facilitates that journey in such a loving a beautiful way. If you resonate with any of these sentiments, I surely suggest you reach out. Her hand is already extended, waiting to welcome you in and walk you a little closer to home. To the great and infinite You. Much love!"

Kara B., Oregon

"I love Alyssa!! She is awesome to work with. Helped me understand myself better and make some important decisions."

Linda C., Nevada

"There was a moment I was in a very dark place. And when I look back maybe that moment has been an entire lifetime of shadows of different shades. Perhaps living and knowing those dark places so intimately they became my normal. They still come and go, sometimes for no reason but that's the human experience we all share. It's a journey.. After 6 sessions with Alyssa, she took me by the hand and showed me a better life, point-blank. I didn't know or thought I didn't deserve self-love due to personal traumas and the world's propaganda telling me self-love, especially as a woman in its true form was narcissistic. But love IS my birthright as Alyssa would say, and I am here now to take that rightful crown and help others wear theirs proudly as well. If you are thinking about whether Life Coaching from Alyssa aka Waters of Wisdom is for you. I can tell you that for me it was quite life-changing. It got me out of one of the worst places I have been and taught me how to keep myself from going back. It's been a few months since I decided to pause the sessions so I could practice what Alyssa showed me in my day today. ("Look Ma no hands!") Her values and tools have taught me so much. They showed me who I am in my darkest hours, reminding and inspiring me to regain my glorious purpose when I lose myself. Her teachings of good habits have given me a reason to get out of bed even when I didn't want to exist anymore, and her breathwork and meditation have provided the ability for me to console my own self when I am inconsolable. Alyssa helped me rewrite my internal dialogue shifting my subconscious to be a team player rather than a personal conspirator. I can't tell anyone if Life Coaching is something that could be for them but for me... It was a pivotal marker in my self-growth. I think of myself as autodidactic, teaching myself anything and everything I need to know. But as with all things worth learning I needed to know what I didn't know in order to grow. And overall that's what Life Coaching with Waters of Wisdom did for me, Alyssa taught me the basics with so much compassion and love, and now how to keep growing beyond those basics is and will always be up to me. But now I have the tools to do the job. Feeling Happy. Feeling Love contagiously and spreading to everyone I can, especially myself. This was 100% worth it for me and I would have paid more if I knew the results I would be getting, which is why I am writing this heartfelt review for this service. It's worth it. if you want it, it's definitely worth it."

Marie G., Nevada

"Working with Alyssa was something I chose to do as an act of self-love. This is something she made me aware of, which instantly validated my need to go through this course. While just signing up for her sessions was the turning point, there was much more to come. She held me accountable in ways that if I did not follow through, I felt as though I would be letting "us" down. I stayed on the course more than I could have ever on my own. When I began with her, it was because I felt scattered. I now have the tools I need to follow through with things that were once a dream will now become a reality. I may return for guidance in the future."

Jolynn L., Nevada

"As someone who goes to therapy, I chose to work with Alyssa for a different approach to life. Alyssa is flexible with her approach and adapts to each individual as needed. I always felt comfortable talking with her and even on days I felt stressed, she was able to guide me into a calm state. I learned a lot about myself under Alyssa's guidance. The assignments she offers each week don't take very long and are relevant. Waters of wisdom comes highly recommended by me."

Leah M., Nevada

"Alyssa helped me navigate an extremely difficult situation. Prior to my time with her, I was confused, overwhelmed and, distraught. Thanks to her compassion, support, and powerful coaching, I felt confident, prepared, and even hopeful when we were done. Thank you!"

Theresa F., NH

"I had an Intuitive Oracle reading and coaching session with Alyssa. She had me pick a topic that I wanted to focus on in my life and she used her coaching methods to dive deeper into my topic. She did ask me some hard questions that I didn’t know how to answer, but Alyssa helped guide me to reach my own responses and really see some deeper meanings in my topic. When it got to the Oracle cards, she really tied the card to what I was struggling with and helped me understand the past/present/future of my path with my topic. It was an hour-long session and I highly recommend it. Alyssa is very intuitive and knew all the right questions to help me dig deeper into my topic."

Ellyssa N., Nevada

"She has some excellent skills for communication and coaching. I got a lot out of my session. I felt safe to be vulnerable and she was such a ray of joyful light."

Amanda M., Nevada

"Alyssa is dedicated to her clients. She displays great mindful work that enhances her client's growth and value. She works with confidence and credibility that supports her client's needs as well as creates a safe, open, and honest space for interaction."

Hope O., Texas

"Alyssa has such a bright light and warmth (she reminds me of sunshine) that really shines through when she coaches. She is so caring and passionate about helping others. I really feel confident in her abilities to coach me with my life challenges. I was very comfortable sharing my innermost thoughts and feelings, that I might not otherwise do so, but her presence was so welcoming and non-judgemental that it made it so easy! Alyssa is very gifted and professional. I truly love every time I have the opportunity to be coached by her. I highly recommend her!!"

Robyn C., North Carolina


 "I have been incredibly blessed to know Alyssa for a good portion of my adult life. Alyssa is always a bright radiating light no matter the circumstances. She and I have shared many joys, struggles, and sorrows. In my darkest moments, she has been a rock of unending encouragement. She has always gone deep with me which helped me piece together an incredible mosaic of experiences. Alyssa helped me recognize that the good and the bad shape me; I am a stronger and more complex woman because of it. She is more than a cheerleader - she’s an artist whose medium is life. I have been truly blessed to grow alongside her. I have seen her struggle, I have seen her fight hard. But with each challenge, she faced she was deeply introspective and mindful. She is always seeking that slip of brightness in the darkest of passages. To see whom she blossomed into fills my soul. Alyssa has found her calling in life in the most beautiful and most Alyssa way possible - in helping others find their way. Her joy for life and everything it has to offer is infectious; she gifts energy to anyone she’s around. She will have a profound impact on anyone's life, even if one only connects for the most brief of moments. I cannot recommend anyone better."

Kristen S., North Carolina


"Alyssa's gifted ability to focus on and listen to her clients is what sets her coaching apart from others. Her impact isn't just felt in your session, but in the days that follow as shifts start to happen in your life. She communicates straight from the heart. After our sessions I find myself feeling not only inspired by her words, but motivated to act upon what we worked on. If you're looking for a coach that is highly intuitive and easy to connect with, Alyssa is the coach to call!"

Daniela C., California

"I started working with Alyssa Waters to help me with mindfulness, positive thinking, and more specifically, to develop greater confidence with dating and relationships. Alyssa was very adaptable to my needs. Each session she helped me ground myself with useful exercises and guided meditations. She helped me set clear goals, checked in with me after every session to encourage my progress, and left me a set of tools and strategies that have improved my life tremendously. Her insights were invaluable. Her empathy was deep and genuine. When I began working with her, I was struggling with my self-image and confidence. After several sessions, my whole mindset improved greatly, my confidence returned, and I was able to seize upon new life possibilities that I may have otherwise let pass by me. 

I'd recommend Alyssa to anyone looking to change the trajectory of their lives for the better. I am so thankful she helped me change mine."

Joe H., Nevada

"Alyssa is such a delightful and warm presence. Sessions with Alyssa give you valuable tools that are essential to achieving goals in life. She has an innate ability to create a space of empathy and clarity, unique to each person's personal experience. Alyssa has an abundance of emotional intelligence and world experience that makes her a top performer in her industry and an exceptional professional. She has an inspirational ability to relate with people on such a connected level. Specifically, I can remember an instance where I was facing a very big choice in my career. 'Do I take this risk, or do I play it safe?' Alyssa's response to this was so precise and calculated. She was able to assist me to form new processes around making tough decisions in about 30 minutes, and they have lasted, creating a huge restructuring of the manner in which I approach tough decisions. Alyssa guided me through a thought exercise to help me gain a clear perspective on the situation and potential outcomes. We objectively viewed all the possible scenarios and we weighed the choices and the circumstances. I made the decision I had been dwelling over for weeks in a matter of minutes, confidently. The technique Alyssa used helped me to quiet my mind and to achieve a state of clarity I might not have easily found on my own. The intrinsic values come from the fact that sessions with Alyssa are applicable across so many different situations. I have found the techniques we used in the previously stated thought exercise to be directly translatable to many aspects of life, I find myself referencing the techniques even to make smaller decisions. If you're on the fence and wondering if Waters of Wisdom will benefit you or not, I cant absolutely tell you with confidence that it will. We are humans living forced to live far out of our comfort zones and to navigate a rapidly changing world. Alyssa helps you to expand your perspectives and to find comfort in chaos, success in failure, and opportunity in rejection."

Justin B., Washington


"Alyssa is absolutely the most amazing person I could hope to share my story with and find my best self! She listens compassionately without judgment. I have never felt so heard or understood. She helped me realize where I am now, what I want with crystal clarity & how to create a path to my best self. I came to her with hopeful uncertainty, wanting to make changes in my life but unsure how. After my sessions with Alyssa, I had gained a sense of confidence in myself I've never known and really felt like I was the one in control of my life thru my thoughts & actions. I went from a leaf blowing aimlessly in the winds of life to a powerful arrow shooting towards the bullseye of my clearly defined goals. I can't recommend her enough!! If you want to make changes in your life to create the person you truly want to be, let Alyssa help you find the answers within yourself. They are there, but in places, we might never find them alone."

Michelle C., Nevada

"Working with Alyssa has been life-changing. Not only does she help you set attainable goals and hold you accountable but she helps you get to the root causes of what is really holding you back. She has helped me make amazing breakthroughs. She is a genuine and beautiful soul. You can tell she really cares about her clients. Her positive energy and love for life is contagious. I am so glad I found her!"

Stacey W., Nevada


"Wow. I'm not sure where to begin. At first, I was a little apprehensive about the whole spiritual guidance thing, but that changed very quickly. I was blown away by Alyssa's ability to listen, suggest, and encourage. Her energy is infectious and you can't help but smile when you're working with her. Because Alyssa radiates positivity, productivity, and presence, we were able to fight off some demons I had been fighting for a very long time. Not only did she help me improve the overall quality of my life, but she showed me how to truly love myself. I will take the tools I learned from my coaching with Alyssa through the rest of my journey through life."

Siri G., Florida


"Alyssa is an amazing Spiritual Life Coach. As someone who struggled with finding a connection to their spirituality, I was grateful to have Waters of Wisdom there to equip me with the necessary tools I needed to gain a deeper understanding. Her openness in drawing upon her own life experiences, not only made her relatable but also put me at ease. Alyssa is insightful and has a real gift when it comes to assisting others in finding clarity within one’s soul purpose and potential. She is love personified and I highly recommend her."

January J., Nevada


"Alyssa is truly a gifted life coach.  She possesses an incredible ability to listen and focus on her clients while creating a safe and supportive environment.  With Alyssa's insights, I was able to discover the "root cause" as to why I was not accomplishing my goals personally and professionally.  The tools and techniques I learned from Alyssa have been instrumental in moving forward confidently in accomplishing my life goals.  Working with Alyssa has been life-changing!!"

Peg H., Illinois 

“Coaching with Alyssa was awesome. I wanted to figure out spirituality and how I can start being more in tune with my inner self. Within a few sessions with Alyssa, things were getting together. I started to meditate daily and incorporate some of the exercises she proposed. I can say I was totally out of sync and with Alyssa’s help, things changed tremendously. Thank you, Alyssa

Nico C., New Mexico

“Having known Alyssa as an acquaintance in the community, I have watched her transformation over the past two years and use it in her arsenal of experience as a coach. It is absolutely impossible not to be utterly inspired by her work, because she has done it, not only with her clients, but also on herself! She has a way of gently motivating without shaming, celebrating with you in even the smallest victories & achievements (after all, how else does one improve?) and being in your corner, rooting for you the entire way! I highly recommend this incredible human being to help you achieve your goals, be it sobriety, weight loss and/or transforming into a healthy lifestyle! Thank you, Alyssa!


Marija M., Nevada

“Alyssa is a one-of-a-kind person who has always been there and seems to genuinely care. That, and she is pretty smart with all this life coaching stuff! When I have talked to her it has been more than just talking to a friend. She candidly explains why one may feel that way, what one must do to be on a better path and really breaks down the science in an easy to understand way. There is something to know why you are having misalignment and what must REALLY change for it to get better that lets you choose to begin to take better paths for yourself.”

Marie G., Nevada

“Alyssa started leading me towards a massive transformation well before she became a coach offering her insights and guidance to others. Unknowing to her, she was guiding me and leading me by doing the work on herself. Without calling attention to herself or to her mission for self-improvement, other than to let her friends know her new standards for herself. I couldn’t help but to allow Alyssa to lead me by her example, and as I become ready for leaps and milestones in my own transformation, Alyssa has been there just a few steps ahead in the journey to help guide me. While nobody has all the answers, all this has a way of guiding us to discover our own truth. I cannot give a high enough recommendation!"

Matthew L., Nevada

“Alyssa is an amazing person and she is always looking out for others. Her desire to help people is one of her strongest qualities. Alyssa’s upbeat energy is always a positive reinforcement, and at the same time, she is there to listen if you’re having a rough day. She has a way of letting you know that in the long run, everything will be okay. Alyssa is always there when you need her. She's intelligent without making a big deal about it and has a way of motivating without being pushy.”

Tracey B., Nevada

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