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How it works

When working with Waters of Wisdom, everything is customized according to your specific needs and goals. Follow these steps below to begin your coaching journey. 

Schedule a complimentary 30-minute Introductory Call now!


Step one

Schedule a complimentary 30-minute Introductory Call. During this call, we get to know each other, build rapport, determine what you need and what I can provide.  We identify multiple areas of your life you are wanting to make a change in. At this time I explain how I typically structure our sessions. Before we end the call we confirm on which package you will be proceeding with. An email will follow this call with the coaching agreement to be signed, welcome packet, along with helpful forms for you to fill out to maximize our time together for the most value.


Step two

Welcome to coaching! Time to have some fun! We begin with a Discovery Session. Coaching is a process where we connect heart to heart. During this session, we take a deep dive into your highest priority issue. This session serves the purpose to obtain background information by me asking powerful and clarifying questions. Before the end of the session, we determine the desired outcome of your coaching journey. You will receive a follow-up email from me on the ways I can help you. Feel comforted that your journey has begun.


step three

In our second session, we will jump into goal setting. You will be provided with a formula on how to successfully achieve your goals. Together, we will fine-tune your compelling vision. I act as an accountability partner and begin coaching around your blocks and fears. You may be assigned homework to keep you engaged in between sessions and provide an opportunity for additional growth. Our sessions following will consist of  assignment review, goal check-in, and additional coaching. I provide additional resources, suggestions to enhance your learning, follow up emails on our sessions, and recordings of our sessions (if held over video conference).

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