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Updated: Sep 18, 2020



An original piece of writing and survival guide by Alyssa Waters

⚖ Feeling out of balance? Would you agree that you need a solid foundation for anything to achieve balance? Me too. I would like to provide an easy to understand perspective on how to achieve that balance with yourself which brings in relief and peace so that you may find yourself in the present moment to experience joy and bliss more often.

4️⃣ Let us take a moment to visualize the number 4. You there? Good. Regarding our earthly plane and the number 4 what comes to mind? North, South, East, West? 4 Walls of a Room or House? Earth, Air, Fire, Water? Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter? New Moon, Half-Moon Waxing, Full, Half-Moon Waning? 4 Wheels of a Vehicle? Four Corners of a Square?

Now take a moment and think to yourself what all of these have in common with one another. They are all a foundation of a greater whole. So as spiritual beings having a human experience (not human beings having a spiritual experience) what is our foundation and how does the number 4 come into play here? Well, good news… I can explain and I would love to walk you through that. This took me a long time to come to realize for myself and I would like to save you the time so you can get to work.

🤸🏼‍♀️ BODY – We are NOT our body. Our body is simply our miraculous host. Our vessel that holds and contains our soul. This amazing machine that operates so magically needs to be cared for just as a machine does. It needs preventative maintenance, scheduled maintenance, you need to clean it, take it in for checkups, and when it needs repair you take it into an expert. It needs fuel (proper fuel… you wouldn’t put mud in a Lamborghini and expect it to work would you?), it needs to be run regularly, it needs components to communicate well together and properly so that it can be in high performance. This machine needs looking after and love for it to be long-lasting. Your body does not come with a replacement. We live in a culture where when something breaks, we just throw it out and replace it.

NEWS FLASH: Our beautiful host of a body is not a resource that comes with a replacement. How many of us treat our vehicles or pets better than our bodies? I know I have been guilty of that…. Think about this and think about it hard. Find your personal solutions to activate your body. The perfect recipe for someone else may not be your perfect recipe. It is possible to find movement and fuel for your machine in a manner you enjoy. You will never win your neighbor’s race. You have your own race to get moving on. What will keep you moving steady, feeling good, and leave the mentality of lack behind? Trust me when I say there is something exactly right for you that is enjoyable to keep you active and feeling great! You do not have to mimic someone else’s ideas and agenda.

I genuinely believe we find greater success when we apply our own solutions as they are personal to us. When we apply our own solutions the feeling of obligation dissipates and there is an opportunity to even surprise ourselves.

🧠 MIND – Our minds are like the software of the machine. It needs a software update from time to time to elevate its performance. It needs to be upgraded to provide new tools, improved processing, larger memory to store data. What happens when you ignore upgrading your software? It no longer is compatible with the hardware? No driver update options because it is too outdated? Our minds need stimulation. Our mind needs growth. It needs new information to keep it excited and aware of what is going on in the present moment. It needs to perform with speed, taking you from one menu to the next quickly! It needs internal communication. When complacent your mind starts seeking stimulation outside of the body instead of from within the mind because the mind will get bored. This is what leads up to bad habits. With this said, you are not a victim of those bad habits.

How do we stimulate our minds, Alyssa!? With intentional self-education, holding conversations that carry substance, reading (read whatever! Just read something!), engaging in methodical hobbies, brain puzzles and games, writing, creating (create anything! Creation can even be of ideas!), organizing (Who cares what it is. Don’t you always feel better after a well-done organization job?!). Think about what is doable, easy, and maybe even enjoyable for you to do to exercise your mind and do it! You lift weights for your biceps…. Of course, we need to find our own kind of mental weight for the mind.

ON THE FLIP SIDE: Mental burn out is a real thing... We can hyper process, hyper use our minds. But Alyssa, what do we do when that happens! My head hurts!? We meditate. We find stillness. We BREATHE. We stop in our tracks and find an object to focus on and just sit and stare at it while breathing deeply. Control your breath, control your life.

SIDE NOTE: We are not our thoughts. Our thoughts are like our 6th sense if you can grasp that it is nothing more than a tool that us human beings use to navigate and process our worlds both inner and outer. Thoughts come and go. Are you having a lot of negative thoughts? You are not defined by them. Take a moment to realize this and free yourself from the torture. Use as a tool for navigation but do not adopt them in a manner that you become them.

💕 EMOTIONAL – Oh, all these feelings!!! Oh my, oh my!!! These feelings swirl and just take over us, don’t they? They tend to dominate us in a way that takes us away from the present moment (the present moment allows us to experience joy and bliss). Emotions make us stuck in the past or future like a prisoner. A self-inflicted prison sentence. This is my most difficult house to master. Ladies and gentlemen... Emotions are simply symptoms of something wrong with your spirit. May I provide some relief? We are NOT our emotions. Our emotions are an opportunity provided to us via a symptom arising. The thing we get so confused about with these illusions of our emotions is that on the surface we see them as a stuck prison sentence meaning we are shackled rather than seeing through them and pausing to observe them as a third party (hush that ego!).

As we dive deeper into these emotional waters and tidal waves, we hold the key of opportunity to see the OPTION we are presented with. I do not know about you, but options represent freedom to me and not a dead end. Options represent multiple ways and paths in a new direction. What do I mean by emotions as symptoms with something wrong with spirit? There is always something deeper than the surface when these feelings appear. A deeper hurt going on through repression and suppression. For example, not feeling good enough, not feeling lovable, fear of abandonment, fear of being exposed, fear of rejection, people-pleasing out of the desire to be accepted then holding resentment for it. Therefore, hurting our own damn feelings. We are the cause of this. When we take accountability and accept our humanness for what we are and who we were designed to be… we can much easily come up and deliver solutions to ourselves about our problems and challenges.

So, ask yourself, are these fears and emotions protecting or serving me? Or are my emotions playing tricks to create an illusion of protection and serving? This process needs practice and grows like a muscle. The more the poor me act, the weaker is it. The more you confront with courage and find the opportunity in your choices the stronger it gets. Now go get to flexin’ and master this. Surrender and let go. Hush your ego and observe from an outsider view. Accept your humanness. These scary triggers we so desperately avoid are the very key that unlocks your success and illumination.

Stop putting your head in the sand and face yourself. Desire relief? This is the way. And remember, everything (and I mean everything) in life is temporary. This includes the rush of yucky feeling you get when triggered. The sooner you catch yourself the less you must suffer. We are our own heroes. Step into your superhero self, get in the present moment to experience the joy and bliss you so very much deserve.

Alyssa, I need help with getting started on dealing with my emotions…. Where do I begin? Some ideas for you are to start journaling, just write. You do not even have to have an agenda when starting… it will flow. Exercise to balance your brain chemistry. Go talk to a confidant and loved one who holds sacred space for you. Eat well, your digestive health is your second brain and controls a lot of your brain chemistry. Go for a walk... Get outside. Connect with nature and just watch how in moments your anxiety melts. Breathe, always breathe… Control your breath control your life, remember? Spend time with a furry pal. Pets really are a human’s best friend. Sit still. Meditate. Pray. Once calm, look within, and strategize to find your opportunities through your options. Clear the false beliefs and liberate yourself through personal sovereignty.

Hold compassion for others who do not quite understand this mastery yet. Some may even miss this understanding their whole lives. Pause and be patient because this house is tricky and take a moment to accept the humanness of others.

SPIRITUAL – This house is the most often neglected. If this house is out of balance, all other houses will be out of balance. In a way, you can call it the master house. This house is the nurturing of one’s soul. Who is in the driver’s seat of that miraculous machine of a host of yours, your body? Your soul is driving, and your body is housing the soul. What is your soul? It is where all your life force energy sparks. The catalyst that allows you to have this human experience as a spiritual being. Your soul is divine energy. Divine energy is only created with divine love. Love for oneself, unconditionally.

I used to think that putting yourself first was selfish… these were during times all my four houses were extremely sick and were for an exceptionally long time. Self-love is putting yourself first. You must know the difference between want and need. Your higher self (soul) is always communicating what you need you just need to be paying attention and listen to it. Everyone has an internal guidance system by birthright.

Our attachments create confusion through illusions. Attachments are illusions of control. The control you think you have is not real. So, stop wasting your time and energy and learn to surrender and let go. Once you learn how to remove the veil of illusion you can hear your soul speaking clearly & confidently through your intuition and gut feelings.

This is where I went wrong for so awfully long. I ignored my soul, got myself off that path that my creator intended for me. Everything felt so hard. I felt like I was forcing things to happen in my life. Lack of ease. I was exhausted in every sense of the word. Forcing only leads to chaos and oh did I experience chaos! So what areas of your life are you not listening to your higher self? Where in your life does your soul feel muted? Who lights up your soul and who does not? What parts of your routine can you rid of that is dampening your illumination? What habits and attachments do you hold (we all have them) that are not helping you with this process?

Surrender and listen to the voice within your heart. Put your hand on your heart and feel it beating. How can you serve that life force and the tremendous gift of life you were given? In what ways can you align with your soul? Be still sweet one and listen hard. Be brave. Courage is not the absence of fear but finding triumph despite. The courage you pull from deep within is you. That is the true essence of your character. What version of you do you want to be in this ONE lifetime? The true you that your soul is screaming to unleash. Or the false you, the ego you, the one too scared to make changes.

Evolution is the act of adapting. Free yourself and adapt. Connect with your inner child and inner innocence. What did you enjoy doing as a child? Reconnect with your soul. Dance, create art, write, play music, learn an instrument, hug, bask in the sun, run in the rain…. What lights you up? Partake in hobbies. Enjoy your community. GIVE without the expectation of receiving. If fear were eliminated from the picture, who would you be?

🌠 A MOMENT TO REFLECT - Now that I have taken the time to break this all down for you, can you see the connections? Can you see how these 4 houses must work together with unification and as a team? Can you agree that if 1 house is out of balance the whole will have a wobble? Do you have clarity that the balance of the 4 houses is imperative to your well being? This is your skeleton key to life. The key that opens all doors, your access to the universe.


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