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I’m Alyssa Waters, and I am a Certified Life, Spiritual, Health, and Wellness Coach dedicated to empowering YOU. I want to help you create the change you want. Waters of Wisdom supports ambitious souls by providing access to self-realization of the blocks and fears holding you back from elevating your life. 


What you achieve while working with me:

  • Focus

  • Calm

  • Motivation

  • Clarity

  • Energy

  • Connectedness

Together, we celebrate your victories

and the warrior that you are!


Time is a priceless resource that does not regenerate. Working with me will save you time by assisting you with finding solutions faster, and by keeping you focused on your path so that you can achieve your goals as quickly as possible. Say goodbye to stagnancy!

Feeling disconnected from both your inner world and the outer world? I help you reconnect with the divine, the self, and the world. The empowerment you receive when reinforcing your capabilities is priceless. Coaching is all about the now and moving forward toward an abundant future through finding your own solutions, and I am your guide!

My passion is to provide assistance to those ready for improvement in their life. I specialize in partnering with courageous souls seeking to enrich areas of their lives to bring a renewed sense of wholeness and balance within. As a former self-sabotager, I understand the toll toxic habits take on all areas of your life. Burnout, shame, anxiety, and frustration all affect your self-worth.  I deeply understand the self-judgment and need for self-compassion it takes to create the transformation you want. Feel comforted to work with someone who knows the battle intimately!

Partnering with me as your Coach will inspire you to redefine and recapture your Higher Self and Higher Power. I take you from being burned out on life to being the hero of your own story. Are you ready to enrich your life and create the life you desire?


This self-discovery journey raises self-esteem into the knowledge of your true divinity. While on this healing path you will learn important tools, partake in exercises, and be given assignments to maintain a connection to yourself. Unleashing progression in the achievement of your goals! I aim to help you understand the sincere gift that you are, by listening and mirroring true self-love and acceptance. Committing to me as your accountability partner increases your success. I am the bridge that provides the professional support you have been missing.

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